Travel The Basket After Placing This Insragram

Travel The Basket After Placing This Insragram

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Travel blogger Amelia Liana is currently under fire.Followers and fans accuse the Instagrammer, with more than 459K followers, of placing fake pics.When the Insta It girl shared a picture of herself in New York, the internet broke out.

A number of followers analyzed Amelia Liana’s photo and found out that the Freedom Tower lacked the image.The picture in the meanwhile was no longer found on the Instagram account of the travel blogger, but there was another that caused fuss.Also her photo for the Taj Mahal seemed anything but real.

Thus, at the time of taking the picture, the right tower would be in the scaffolding.Also, it’s always very busy in the Taj Mahal and it’s almost impossible to see people in your photo.Additionally, followers follow the shadows and birds that are clearly stuck in the picture.

Meanwhile, Amelia Liana has explained in a blog post on her site how the fork is in the stalk.The blogger indicates that all her photos are fair and photographed at the time and location she indicates.In addition, Amelia Liana always makes use of natural light and displays the actual state of the location.However, she helps to improve the light, to clean the background, and to make other enriching adjustments.

Check out some of her images that provide for fuss below and read her statement

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