Millennails Choose Their Vacation Desitaion Based On This Stupid Reason

Millennails Choose Their Vacation Desitaion Based On This Stupid Reason

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Instagrammability‘ is the most important thing for aholiday. 

Yes, everyone loves apicture-perfectvacation, but an Insta-perfect holiday is a bit much demanded.Should we wonder if a holiday destination is worth the visit if famoustravel bloggershave not been there?

It seems that because of the 1000 surveyed people, 40.1% find it important that the destination is Instagram-worthy.Social media has thus become more important to us than we think … The research also showed that alcohol is an important factor, because 24% was “alcohol availability” at the top.26% chose ‘personal development’ and but (hold on) 3.9% were most interested in special sights and places to visit!

That millennials want to go to a place where they can make Instagram-worthy pictures than the best clubs to find is a good sign, but the idea that we’re more concerned about thelikes, followers and people who look pretty places were a bit worrisome, just like the statement “If it’s not on Instagram, did it happen?” Ieks.

Most likely, all the beautiful destinations you encounter on Instagram are worth a visit, but do not let this be the most important factor for you to go somewhere!Just watching all the pictures we encounter is nice enough right?

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