7 Reason To Travel By Bus In New Zaland

7 Reason To Travel By Bus In New Zaland

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It was when I arrived in New Zealand that I discovered the hop-on hop-off buses. A concept developed in New Zealand where several companies share the market. These are flexible passes that make it possible to visit New Zealand à la carte. I chose to visit New Zealand by bus and I tell you why traveling by bus Stray in New Zealand is a good alternative to the rental car or the furnished van.

Although it is fairly easy to get between the city centers with public transport (InterCity bus for example), it becomes a little more difficult to reach places off the beaten track. The simplest way to move to these places while still retaining some freedom is to rent a car where a furnished van or travel with hop-on hop-off buses.

I must admit that as I was preparing for my world tour , I dreamed of visiting New Zealand in a furnished van, but when traveling alone, the price, being alone for several weeks and the apprehension of sleeping alone in a van in the middle of nowhere is not so simple.

Meet a traveler on the roads of Southeast Asia where in a few days in Auckland with whom to share the adventure in furnished van was a bit utopian! I then became interested in the alternatives to visit New Zealand:

  • Car rental and hostel accommodation
  • Regular buses (from point A to point B)
  • Train
  • Pass flexible hop-on hop-off buses.

After studying the pros and cons of the alternatives above, I decided to travel by bus and I opted for a flexible pass from the Stray company.


There are two bus companies hop-off hop-on Kiwi Experience and Stray bus .

Kiwi Experience is aimed at a young clientele (-30 years old) who wants to party. The Kiwi Experience buses have the reputation of being party buses .

Stray bus targets an older clientele than its competitor (between 25 and 40 years). It offers tours related to the culture and history of New Zealand, activities and accommodation off the beaten track.

One can choose a pass that covers only the northern island or the south island or a pass that encompasses the two islands. It is possible to travel by bus Stray in New Zealand and cover the whole country.

The duration of the pass is 12 months (starting from the first day of travel), which allows if you have the time to stop in a city or a region and stay there longer and even stay to work a few weeks or months before continuing the itinerary by booking a place in one of the Stray buses.

Activities and accommodations are generally not included in the price. The drivers manage the reservations of accommodation and activities. During the trips, you register for the activities (no obligation) you want to participate in and indicate if you want to be hosted at the place proposed by Stray or not (* 1 + 2) .

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